Dave Filoni intervju om Rebels

Dave Filoni - Exekutiv Producent Star Wars Rebels

Dave Filoni – Exekutiv Producent Star Wars Rebels

StarWars.com har en lång intervju med Dave Filoni, Exekutiv producent för Star Wars Rebels på bloggen idag. Filoni pratar om inspirationen och tankarna bakom TV-serien. Mycket intressant läsning och en hel del tidiga konceptbilder.

”We all had different concepts for stories. Carrie had an idea we all liked for an A-Team-style group, so that stayed on the table. I had an obsession with the pilots of Star Wars. I’m dying to do something that’s non-Force related and completely about pilots, which is what I thought a large part of Star Wars was about as a kid. So, we each had different ideas, but really with [creative executives] Kiri [Hart], Rayne [Roberts], Carrie, and I sitting around the table, we decided to focus on the A-Team idea. I’m always drawing in these meetings and that’s where some of the early character design started. When we met with Simon, he said “Let’s focus on this family dynamic,” so I drew a kid, mom, and a dad.” – Dave Filoni

Källa: StarWars.com


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